Teaching the future life savers

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Who we are

The 1st Delaware Medical Venturers and Medical Rovers is a vocational Scouts Canada Venture company and Rover Crew with a vocation in First Aid. Medvents/MedRovers is a program for youth ages 14-26 that are interested in the medical field and want to get hands on experience while earning volunteer hours. 1st Delaware MedVents/MedRovers was established April 2013 and currently does about 24 Offers of Service a year. We meet every Wednesday Night in Delaware Ontario to do training to keep your First Aid skills sharp and ready for an Offer of Service. 1st Delaware Medvents/MedRovers do both Scouting and Public events that we provide First aid for.

While part of the group, a member can achieve various levels of training in first aid and as well pursue various Scouting achievements. The Levels of training that you can do while part of the group are as follows:

Level 1 Standard First Aid HCP AED CPR 2-day course

Level 2 Advanced Wilderness First Aid CPR AED 4 Day course

Level 3 Emergency First Responder HCP AED CPR 40-hour course

Level 4 Emergency Medical Responder HCP AED CPR 120-hour course

Additional Certifications you can pursue:

- First Aid Instructor

- Advanced Emergency Care Instructor

- Mental Health First Aid

Scouting Achievements that you can obtain while being part of Medvents/MedRovers are as follows; As a Venture you can work towards your Queens Venture Award:

The Queen's Venturer Award is the highest Scouting proficiency award for youth members in Scouts Canada that can be regularly awarded, as the Amory Adventure Award is only awarded to one Venturer Company each year. When the Scout program was divided into Scouts and Venturers the highest award, the Queen's Scout Award, was renamed to reflect its application to the Venturer section. The award is presented to Venturers who have acquired competence and skills that will be of considerable use to themselves, their company, and their community. These Venturers will have also been recognized by the company, the advisor, and Scouts Canada as being worthy of receiving the Award

Another award that you can achieve while in MedVents/MedRovers is the Duke Of Ed award:

The purpose of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is to encourage young people to set their own goals and challenges, work towards achieving them, and then be recognized at the end for sustaining the commitment they have made. There is no competition between participants. The only people with whom they compete are themselves. Self-motivation is fundamental to the Programme. There are no set standards to achieve. The criteria for gaining an Award is based on each participant's individual improvement and potential at the starting point of the Award. There is no such thing as failure in the Award. Even if an Award is not attained, just being involved brings new friends, new knowledge and new adventures. The Award programme has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each requires an increasing level of commitment and effort.

While being part of MedVents/MedRovers you can use the time, you put in for Offers of Service towards High school community service hours on average our members will achieve 1000-5000hrs of service when they graduate High School and continue to grow. A lot of our members go on into the medical field and the skills they learned in Medvents/MedRovers helped them to get there.

If you this sounds like something that you want to do contact us and then come out and see us in person.