Teaching the future life savers

Ages 14-26 Learning about First Aid and Emergency Medicine and get to practice your skills while earning your Volunteer hours.


First Aid Coverage

Do you have an event that you need First Aid coverage for? We can help you with that  we have fully trained personal to cover your First Aid needs click below to find out more.

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First Aid Training

We have two Advanced Emergency Care Instructors that can teach from Standard First Aid to Emergency Medical Responder and every thing in between.

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Training you can get

When you Join this group you can achieve any of the levels of certification that you want

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You gain awesome experience, you can count the hours towards your high school community service hours that every student needs to complete, the training that you can take while in the group is as follows

• Standard First Aid CPR AED Level C

• Advanced Wilderness First Aid CPR AED Level C

• Emergency First Responder CPR AED HCP

• Emergency Medical Responder CPR AED HCP

• And any instructor level if you choose to once you are a Rover


About Us

We are a vocational scouting group that’s focus is on First Aid we provide First Aid at scouting and Public events as well teach First Aid.